20's Costumes

As the sun begins to set, the nightlife will begin to emerge. Its the 1920s, the Golden Age. Fancy cars with running boards race through the street and those fancy enough to have a radio were playing the sounds of rousing big band music. It was a great time to be a kid. If you were a boy in the know, the big cheeses would be showing you how to dress and how to get the girl. It all starts with the right Roaring 20s style.

The twenties were the Golden Age. Boys and girls dressed as they pleased, but they were dressed to impress. How else were you supposed to grab the attention of flappers? Boy's, you'll need to look pretty dapper for a girl to consider you the bees knees. Get a boy's 20's costume then take to the dance floor. We recommend learning the cake walk or the Charleston, first. To be frank, you need to be dressed like a boss and there's no better costume to fit that description than a gangster outfit. These striped suits will draw the eyes of any person; friend or foe. Girls will be loving it, boys will be too daunted to mess with you. You wear the suit, do not let the suit wear you. Any Halloween party will be more than welcome to have you there, as you bring style to the party.

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