20's Plus Size Costumes

The Stock Market Crash of 1929 marked two significant events: the start of the Great Depression, and the end of the fascinating Roaring Twenties, a decade of frivolous celebration, jazz music and general debauchery. It was a time when women were more liberated than ever, showing more skin, dancing how they liked and expressing their sexuality as they saw fit. Prohibition was in full swing and gangsters were turning huge profits selling alcohol, tobacco and drugs to underground hubs called speakeasies. People in this age were living fast and dangerously - and they had a heck of a good time doing so!

People back then were smaller in stature than they are today. Therefore, an authentic clothing item may be hard to find in a plus size. Fortunately, fabulous reproductions exist that give you the exact look while providing fit and comfort. Designs based on iconic looks from the 1920s are popular among sophisticated adults who seek high style, from the glitzy garments of the flapper girls to the baggy suits of menacing mobsters, and everything in between. There's a unique, classic charm to Jazz Age chic, and people adore the styles born from it even today.

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