Sexy 20's Costumes

If there's anything to learn from the twenties it's that you can still be classy while looking drop dead sexy! Women back then knew it was time start dressing the way they wanted to, and they had never looked better. They wore clothes for comfort and for style rather than worrying about what people had to say about them. So take a page from their book and doll yourself up with a sexy 20s costume that is as gorgeous as it is flashy!

When you think of what sexy was back then, you're thinking about flappers. If you are in need of an outfit with a twenties theme then the flapper is the way to go. It is far more sexy than the frumpy Gatsby girl dress which looks sort of like a potato sack with embellishments. You want to show off some arm and leg so opt for the short dresses, showing off your legs and loaded with tons of sequins, and you'll catch the eye of everyone around you. To capture the essence of the time, it is not only important to have the fashion sense but the attitude as well. Looking good is not so much about how scantily clad you are but how you stand out in a crowd. So if you have a dress up party going on soon, make sure you're looking hot, but with a bit of modesty, by copying the style of the young women of the 1920's! By loading up on flashy accessories, colorful boas and feathered headbands, there won't be a single person who won't be keeping their gaze on you as you twirl around the room in your pretty little dress. You'll be a flashback to a classier time while giving any other modern woman a good run for her money. You can even drink your cocktail from a teacup and saucer like they did at the speakeasy.

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