20's Create Your Own

The 1920's are roaring once more. Booze, jazz, automobiles, and of course flapper accessories. You can't have a happening jam session without these turn of the century sexpots. These girls are ready to dance all night and all morning, not to mention drink and smoke like there's no tomorrow. The flapper girls of the 20's surely know how to party.

If you want to be a real Gatsby girl, then you're going to need a head to toe flapper look. Starting with a flashy headband that is ornamented with either big, colorful ostrich or peacock feathers, bright sequined designs, or you could wear a sleek turban. Next, pearls are the number one jewelry of choice for the flapper. Pearl earrings, pearl bracelets, and long beads of pearls as a necklace and you'll fit right in. Diamonds were also still a girl's best friend, even in the 20's with magnificent diamond cuffs and chandelier earrings that sparkle whenever you move to a beat. Shimmy over to the bar and have some johnny light your cigarette that's held up, not by your own fingers, but by an elegant and long cigarette holder in whatever style you'd like. Put on your opera gloves and your feathered boa and you're ready to paint the town red.

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