50's Boys Costumes

(Boom!) Relax, that's not the A-bomb that all the kids of the 50s were hearing, it was the sound of the baby boomers blasting their record players. In 1950's people saw the world through rose colored glasses The sun seemed to shine all the time and everyone was living the Leave it to Beaver lifestyle. At school, the greasers are ready to rumble with the jocks while all of the Bobby Soxers practiced the latest version of The Twist. Then, on Friday night everyone came together for the love of Rock and Roll.

It's time to dress like a Thunderbird and get up and dance. Picture the scene, Ed Sullivan cuts to a close-up to hide gyrating hips, the King of Rock n' Roll is in full swing. Your dad is at work and your mom is home, preparing tonight's dinner. So grab a container of Dippity-doo and comb those hairs back, little man. When you're done, just slide that comb in your back pocket and put on that leather jacket. These days, news travels much faster than it did in the 50s. Back then, shopping for goods not sold in stores meant 6-8 weeks wait time. Aren't you glad your modern day self can instantly purchase an item and get it in a day or two? Be cool in your new leather jacket in time for the dance on Friday. No one can hold you back because you're a rebel just like James Dean. Imagine if he knew then what we know now? The Fifties is not a parody, it's a lifestyle. It's pop culture. The old cats don't know what they're missing! They're paying too much attention to magazine advertisements telling them what to wear and buy. But you see the future and you know that a boys 50s costume right here on the web.

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