50's Plus Size Costumes

The 50s was a decade of major change for America and, in turn, the world! It marked the birth of rock-n-roll and doo-wop music, the television set and some of its most iconic programming, and the earliest instance of the media being marketed directly to teenagers, who were free to enjoy their youth thanks to economic prosperity. Items like jeans and the white t-shirt were a staple of fashion for and the style stands today. However, when it comes to plus size 50s costumes the styles are clearly from another time.

It was a time for fun, for leather jackets and hair slicked into sculptured forms with grease, for cropped cardigans and poodle skirts, for diners and drive-in movie theaters enjoyed with a lover and a milkshake, for jukeboxes and loud music and endless dancing! Today we remember the 50s for the unique aesthetics that it birthed: the bright colors, the retro futurism of Googie architecture and science fiction films, the graphic design and advertisement styles, the neon lights and surreal shapes. And of course, all the fashion trends that came from it look amazing as costumes for Halloween and other parties! All kinds of 1950s looks - from waitresses on roller skates to astronauts in spacesuits - have been brought to life for countless parties all across the world in the decades since. What's not to like about the rockabilly look, or the greaser look, or the legendary Elvis Presley getup? These garbs have an adorable and nostalgic quality to them that most people find irresistible. We want everyone to be able to enjoy wearing 1950s get-ups, and that includes men and women on the bigger side. Whether you're tall, stout or both, you too can look charming in any Fifties ensemble - you just need to find the perfect fit! Our selection of plus-sized Fifties garbs are designed with larger people in mind, ensuring that you won't have to sacrifice comfort and confidence to wear the kind of costume you like. No more frustration over outfits that are too short or too tight. We want to supply you with the size you need so that you can look and feel incredible at the party!

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