50's Mens Costumes

The 50's were an exciting time of growth and new beginnings. Youth culture found itself undergoing explosive changes and discovering its own, unique voice. Pool halls, drive-ins, bowling alleys and concert halls became the stomping grounds of an entire generation.

Guys in those days had a few distinctive looks, and these styles determined who you sat with at lunch time as well as who you dated. The exceptions being when bad boy Danny dated good girl Sandy in Grease. There were the letterman who played sports and donned their varsity jackets. These jocks dated the cheerleaders and homecoming queens. Then there were the nerds who always wore dress pants and button down shirts with their hair neatly gelled in place. You can guarantee that at the prom, they had the most ruffles in their powder blue tux. And finally the greasers were the guys in the Levis, white T-shirts and black leather jackets who wore their hair in a style called a D.A. This Halloween, you can grease your hair back and shake those hips with these rockin' 1950's themed costumes! Whether you plan to go as the penultimate King of rock and roll, a tough-as-nails greaser, or as bowling alley royalty, these costumes are the way to go.

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