Sexy 50's Costumes

The 50's wasn't all poodle skirts and dresses, ladies. Even during a time that was all about wholesome family values, people were learning just what it meant to show themselves off to the world. With influences like Marilyn Monroe and Bette Page, everybody was starting to break out of that stuffy mentality and really push the limits in terms of sex appeal. Women were embracing what it mean to be a woman and learning the motto, sex sells. Sexy 50's costumes epitomize the motto. Scroll down to see the best sellers.

So if you're dressing up for a Halloween costume party or just happen to be going to a 1950's style sockhop, do it in a way that doesn't make you look like you just came out of an old school sitcom. After all, there's nothing fun about a goody two-shoes in conservative clothes. You would much rather be a bad girl and dress in tight, black clothing like the greasers of the past. Or maybe take some pointers from some of sexy pin ups of the time or even bring back the charms of a youthful schoolgirl that the boy's love to trip over. Because the truth is, the hottest part about the fifties isn't the outfits, it was the taboo of being bad in a time when everyone should have been good.

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