50's Womens Costumes

Flash back in time to the fabulous 50's! It was a decade that's gone down in history for its sock hops, drive-ins, and, of course, its distinctive style. As a result of this emergence of new music, one of the most important things to women at this time was that they would be able to shake, rattle, and roll! This was an era filled with music that made ladies want to dance and created a need for an outfit that would allow women to feel the beat! Consequently, poodle skirts were born and quickly grew in popularity. These non-restrictive, knee-length skirts came in a variety of vibrant colors and made their mark as one of the era's most iconic fads.

The music industry was booming with artists that would soon become legendary! From the continuation of crooners like Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and Bing Crosby to the birth of rock-and-roll thanks to the likes of Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly, a variety of musical styles were taking the world by storm! Top 40 music was infiltrated by Doo Wop and signature dances like The Hand Jive. If that's not enough, this is the era that saw the beginning of the quintessential music performance show, American Bandstand! Shopping for women's 50's Halloween costumes will provide a flash of nostalgia and has easily lent itself to becoming the temporal setting for a variety of pop culture. Whether you remember the fifties from being transported through your television to Happy Days with Richie Cunningham and his pal, Fonzie, or if you relate more to Sandy looking for her Danny, like in Grease, this was certainly a decade that had something for everyone.

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