50s costumes are our best selling era costumes outselling the 20's, 60s, 70s and even the 80s. 1950's fashion features long poodle skirts, tight sweaters, leather jackets and bowling shirts. You'll love our complete selection of 50s costumes for men, women and kids.

Women's 50s costumes offer with widest variety. Choose from a big selection of poodle skirts and a great variety of dresses that were popular back then such as polka dot dresses and Leave it To Beaver dresses. One of the most famous 50s costumes is the I Love Lucy costume based on Lucille Ball's wardrobe from the best television show of all time. In the 50s there were good girls and bad girls. The later wore tight Capri pants and pink satin jackets. They were known as the Pink Ladies and we have costumes for them too. 50s costumes for men are characterized by jeans, white t-shirts and leather jackets. These guys were known as the T-birds. They were depicted perfectly in the movie Grease and you can get the officially licensed T-bird costumes here. If you'd like something more special, the 50s Prom King costume or the Elvis costume will do the trick.

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