60's Boys Costumes

A new culture has emerged. Time to put everything in the past; It's the sixties! JFK has America moving again. Man landed on the moon, music became groovy, and there was a British invasion that swept the nation. The '60s was 'a gas!' Boy's today can get a taste of what life was like before video games and smartphones by wearing 60s Halloween costumes for boys.

Your parents are so conformed, but don't sweat it! You're not going to go ape on them, but send a message of love; instead. You're a flower child. Those old cats do not understand the generation gap. All they want to do is give you chalk talk. Try to chill and let your hair grow out, like you want it to. Put on your best shades, get decked out, and catch some rays! When you're tooling around, do not be a square, and have some fun! Hang loose and do the Chinese Fire drill. Do not follow the trend, like everyone else. You're a hip kid so do something unexpected. A psychedelic outfit with some cool retro British shades will have all his friends wondering why they dressed up in the same trendy costume that everyone else is wearing.

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