60's Plus Size Costumes

With our great selection of men's and women's plus size 60s costumes you can imbue your look with some genuine flower power. These groovy garbs will make you look like you just stepped through a time warp from Woodstock in 1969, and nobody will question whether that's actually what happened. Everybody knows hippies had superpowers, after all. The 60s were rife with protest from young people, challenging customs and values that had been the norm for too long. These were the years of the British Invasion, the peak of the Civil Rights Movement, the sexual and psychedelic revolution spurned by the hippies. And, let's not forget, it was a decade that spawned some pretty magnificent music!

Psychedelics like LSD had a massive impact on everything that was produced during this time, and that included fashion: tie dye, fractals, flowers, and as many colors as you could possibly wear in one outfit were all the rage. The hippies loved flamboyant attire - they wanted not only to stand out, but to look like blossoming human rainbows that nobody could miss! This is why their fashion has endured as costumes ever since. They were colorful and surreal and funny, and they represent a time for liberation, experimentation and self-expression. So if you really want your gaudy getup to look and feel authentic, you'll need to play the part! It would be hard to do that if your outfit that was too short or too tight, though. It's impossible to act like a supremely chilled out flower child when you're extremely uncomfortable in a costume that doesn't fit! This is a problem that larger people can often endure. Many shops don't carry much variety in the plus-size department, if they carry any at all. How can you have fun at the Halloween party if you don't feel confident in your chosen getup? You deserve to look and feel amazing! Fortunately, we carry a wide range of great sixties outfits for bigger folks. These far-out garbs will make you look sexy flaunting that curvy figure or totally authentic as a tripped-out musician dude. People come in all shapes and sizes, and so should all costumes!

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