60's Girls Costumes

Have you been hunting for the perfect hippie clothes and still can't get no satisfaction? Find her fab look in one of the outfits in this collection of 60's Halloween costumes for girls. As a flower child or go-go girl, get her ready to spend Halloween as a girl from the generation of peace and love.

Paisley patterns, bell bottoms, tie-dye and gogo boots dominated the fashion in this decade remembered for its counterculture movement, hippies and rock music. This selection of colorful apparel will help your little girl get decked out for Halloween and be the best dressed chick at the party or school dance. Once she's dressed up in one of these choice options featuring fringe, floral patterns and bright colors, give her a mod hairstyle, like a beehive, chignon, or braided pigtails to send out a groovy vibe. Try accessorizing with an oversized pair of shades, a medallion peace sign necklace, chain belt, white knee high socks and a pill box hat to really put together the ultimate 1960's look.

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