60's Womens Costumes

The swinging 60's were a time of lava lamps, troll dolls, tie-dye, and bell bottoms. It was a time when civil rights became a central topic of interest and when Beatlemania took the world by storm, instilling the lasting notion that, all you need is love. If all you need is a women's 60's Halloween costume then scroll down.

Make Love, Not War. That was the mantra embraced by hippies in the 1960's. Emerging from a youth subculture, these flower children loved psychedelic music and were the ultimate supporters of the anti-war movement. The women involved in this rebellion against conformity grew their hair out long and adorned it with flowers. 60's costumes for women embrace the look and mood of the generation. Tie-dyed designs, floral motifs, paisley, and skirts ranging in length from mini to floor-length, the floor-length of which were loose fitting and fashioned in a peasant style. Alternatively, another trend that was quick to rise in popularity in the 60's was that of mod girls. Inspired by the U.K.'s Modernist culture, these women were known for their short skirts covered in striking patterns. Mirroring the likes of Twiggy's high fashion look on the runway, these girls wore heeled boots that reached anywhere between their calf and knee. With this style, go-go boots became a must have accessory for ladies, especially after the release of Nancy Sinatra's hit, These Boots are Made for Walking.

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