60's Costumes

Peace and love, peace and love, it is what the 60s were all about. The generation known hippies believed in giving peace a chance and free love. Have a laid back and groovy time this Halloween as a hippie or get mod in a 60s costume. Our selection is one of the best around. You can get costumes for kids, men and women in a variety of 60s styles from mod, to groovy to hippie.

60s costumes feature bold prints like psychedelic patterns and florals. Many of the clothes worked for both men and women such as bell bottom jeans, tie-dye shirts and brown suede vests with fringe. Another common fashion statement was long hair tied with a headband. We have all these style and more in affordable costume for the entire family. Other 60s costumes depict celebrities such as Sonny and Cher, and the Beatles. Costumes like these make the 60s theme perfect for couples and groups.

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