70's Boys Costumes

The 1970's were a time of transition. Some people were upset about the gas prices and others were confused about the (temporary) switch to the metric system. Young men were coming home from the war; while the President was involved in his own scandal. As the hippie generation phased out, the disco era was born! Everyone caught Saturday night fever and wanted to boogie the night away. Now grab your favorite 8-track tape and hop into your Ford Pinto. It's time to get down! But before anything, he needs the perfect boy's 70s costume go with the occasion.

If, a young boy named Michael Jackson can be the leader of the hottest pop group of the 70s then what's stopping your boy from being the star of his Halloween party? Michael owned the stage with his dance moves, captivating voice, and leisure suits. Now your boy can too. Those suits have the word 'leisure' in front of it for a reason; they made you feel comfortable in your own skin and bestowed confidence. Bust out in a groove because you're Dy-No-Mite! Just keep on truckin, little man!

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