70's Plus Size Costumes

The 70s picked up where the 60s left off, carrying the proverbial torch from the hippies and taking cues from their styles of clothing, living, and partying into the disco era! The disco scene in particular incorporated a lot of hippie chic into their own, adopting bright colors and trippy designs and slick fabrics that were much more flamboyant and sexualized. In the early seventies you could see the perfect marriages of hippie and disco styles with psychedelic splotches of multiple colors adorning tight-fitting dresses and bold shirts and pants for men. Our plus sized adults 70's costumes demonstrate the look with authentic reproductions.

However, there were also those who didn't want to give up the 60s looks just yet, and would continue wearing attire that leaned more towards the hippie style, or the British mod go-go dancer look that had become so popular worldwide. This mix of styles meant that guys and gals alike had a lot of options to consider when they wanted to go out for a night of dancing! But what about you? If you're a big person, do you tend to find a lot of options for decorative duds that suit you? Chances are, you see garments you totally love, but the shops you find them at don't carry them in your size. What gives? Don't these stores get plus-size customers? Don't they know that tall and stout people can look incredible too? Well, no matter, because we know how great you could look if you could just find the right costume in your size! That's why we carry a variety of our 70s costumes in plus sizes. Whether it's shimmering button-up shirts, borderline hippie skirts, full-on sexified disco dresses or anything in between, we've got something for you to rock to that Halloween party!

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