Sexy 70s Costumes

The 70's were a time where there was so much going on, but sex was the predominant thing on everyone's mind! Adults were having swinger's parties and disco dancing was all about bumping and shaking your booty. The slinky dresses and clingy fabrics of our sexy 70s costumes are exactly like the the fashions of the disco era. It was a time where love and peace met with a groovy new look that changed how America saw sexy!

There was never a shortage of ways to show off what you had during the iconic decade of music and parties! If you're the type of girl who is always looking for a fun time, then the Go-Go look is a perfect match. With loud colors and eye catching patterns, these kind of dresses were made for going out and having a good time. Put on a pair of gogo boots to go with the dresses and you'll have a hip look from the seventies that'll have all the boys going wild! Or if you've got that dance bug in you that just can't be stopped, suit up in a sexy 70s costume that was meant to be the center of attention! With a silver or black dress filled with tons of sequins and glitter you'll be the most radiant thing in the room. There won't be a single person who will be able to keep their eyes off of you when you're shaking your stuff in the middle of it all! There's even something for those psychedelic peace lovers still left from the 60's. The hippie sensation didn't die with a decade, it stayed strong even with a whole new culture moving in. So remind everyone why a flower child like yourself is way better than the flashier looks of a new era with a colorful outfit straight from Woodstock! Really, there isn't a single way to not look great when it comes to dressing like you're from the 1970's! There are plenty of styles to match any type of woman and make them look absolutely amazing. With dresses and suits like these, it'll be hard to keep all the guys off of you. But, you know that's the whole point!

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