80's Boys Costumes

The 1980's were a time made up of big hair, colorful clothing, and questionable choices. E.T. phoned home, Maverick had a need for speed, and we went Back to the Future. Overall, it was a radical time! Now pull up your parachute pants, zip up your red beat it jacket, and put on the ray bans; because it's time to moonwalk into the 80's. The boys 80s Halloween costumes shown below will totally prepared your kid to the max! It's going to be gnarly!

During this time, MTV actually played music and everybody wanted their MTV! Michael Jackson sang and dance his way to the top of the charts. His sequin glove and red leather jacket were the most imitated styles of this decade. I just hope your boy's prepared to do the moonwalk or dance with zombies! Then you have the glam metal bands with their big hair and tight pants. Get ready to jump and shout! Valley Girls, from all over the spectrum, will crowd your son and compliment him on his outfit. They'll be so into your boy's look, that they won't utter the words Like, gag me with a spoon! By the end of the party, you'll have to tell a few to take a chill pill.

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