80's Plus Size Costumes

The 80s was an incredible decade where all sorts of groundbreaking things were happening, a lot of which still deeply influences the music, fashion, graphic design, pop culture, movies, cartoons and video games of today. It was the decade when hip hop, metal and electronic music really started to take off, and it also gave us the Ghostbusters, the Ninja Turtles and the Nintendo Entertainment System, so it's certainly praiseworthy! Putting together a plus size 80s Halloween costume isn't too difficult, but just like any other awesome get-up, it'll require some planning if you really want it to look totally rad.

It's easy to just make a mess of your hair and throw on a Flock of Seagulls T-shirt, but if you really want to look like you just stepped out of Doc's time-traveling DeLorean, your costume is going to need some thorough attention to detail. The best thing to do when putting together an Eighties ensemble is to consider some of the biggest fashion trends of the era: this would include flip-up sunglasses, scrunchies, huge earrings, shoulder pads and rubber bracelets. For clothes, legwarmers, acid-washed jeans and jean jackets, Hammer pants, tank tops, frilly skirts, Doc Martens and Reeboks will do the trick. Oh yeah, and remember, neon everything. You can never have enough neon. If you're on the larger side, however, you may find that most shops don't carry 1980s duds in plus sizes. It's hard enough to find clothes that fit the period, but you'd think party stores would carry some 1980s outfits for bigger people. Well, you're in luck: we carry several excellent Eighties ensembles that'll help you look totally authentic! Considering how flamboyant getups from this period tended to be, you need to ensure that you're going to be comfortable at the party, wearing clothes that aren't too tight or too short. You want to feel confident in duds that look great on you. Otherwise you won't be able to dance, and if there's one thing people from the nineteen-eighties loved to do, dancing was it!

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