80's Girls Costumes

Say hello to the most happen'in girls 80's costumes you've ever seen! The decade that brought you Madonna, Saved By The Bell, and Pac Man, inspired this collection filled with looks perfect for your little rock star on Halloween or at a themed party. To ace her 1980's look, your daughter can pick her fav costume from the selection of tutu's, leggings and ripped shirts so she'll be ready to dance the night away to Duran Duran. The zebra prints and neon colors incorporated in these designs will give her the most glam outfit in her group of gal pals. She'll look like the star of one of the first music videos to play on MTV!

Now that you've got the 411 on her clothes, make sure her accessories are in the mix. You'll most definitely need some slap bracelets, neon jewelry, a headband, a pair of jelly shoes, some leg warmers, and aviator shades to amp up her wardrobe. Combining all these items together is guaranteed to create a fantabulous Eighties ensemble. Make sure she practices some 80's lingo before heading out! She'll want to know: Bombdiggity Chill Outrageous Righteous Sweet Big Time

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