80's Sexy Costumes

How could the era of metal and pop not be the sexiest of all time? With tons of crazy outfits and even crazier people taking the stage all over the U.S., there were plenty of examples of how to steal the show. This wild time of excess lends itself perfectly to Halloween. So when it comes time to finding the sexy 80s costume that will make Madonna's look seem tame, just look at the eighties for inspiration and sex it up with the styles shown below.

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When it comes to the 1980's it was all about loud and big outfits that got people's attention. For you ladies, there were plenty of different ways to do just that! You can deck yourself out in a colorful petticoat skirt and off the shoulder shirt like you're right out of the movie Grease or a groupie for some big rockstar like Gene Simmons or Bon Jovi! And if those aren't doing it for you, try mimicking some of the hottest stars at the time like the material girl herself, Madonna! With styles like those of the hottest women in the eighties, everyone's eyes will be on you like you were in the spotlight. Or, you could always dress down in a little sweater that covers just enough to let the guys see.

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