80's Create Your Own

We've got the 411 for you, and it says that your 1980s costume would look even better with some of our hip 80s accessories and makeup! Whether you're chilling with your BFF or looking to meet a bangin' babe at the club, you'll find everything you need to make your outfit perfect right here. Punk fashion never has to go out of style -- much of our jewelry and other items would go great with your everyday clothes as well as your eighties Halloween costume!

You can turn almost any outfit into an 80s costume with the right accessories. Wear leggings with a pair of brightly colored leg warmers for an outrageous look that everyone will love. Layer a petticoat or tutu skirt over your leggings and pair it with a sequined shirt and you'll be ready to dance the night away to the latest tunes from Madonna and Michael Jackson. Men, pair a punk vest or a pair of aviator sunglasses with a pair of vintage jeans and you'll be all ready to go!

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