Fashion icons like Madonna, Michael Jackson and Billy Idol set the trends in the 80s. The Eighties were the advent of MTV so musicians became the gold standard for everything new and cool. Teens went out of their way to emulate these celebrities. In any high school across the country, you could see a clear group of dedicated followers of pop, new wave, punk and heavy metal. Our 80s Halloween costumes depict every one of these popular decade themes.

Women's styles feature details such as off-the-shoulder shirts, neon colors, mesh tops and leggings. Madonna turned us on to tulle skirts and lace too. Men's 80s costumes are inspired by heavy metal artists who wore animal print spandex pants, studded belts, muscle shirts and big hair. Hip-hop singers and rappers like MC Hammer inspired the Old School Rapper 80s outfit with the baggy pants and short jacket. The military inspired Michael Jackson costumes features jackets with gold trim and his trademark sequin glove. Even country music made its mark with singers like Billy Ray Cyrus making the mullet the number one men's hairstyle of the Eighties.

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