Alien Costumes

When did our fascination with Aliens begin? Did it start with H.G. Wells' publication of War of the Worlds or did it stem from the Roswell UFO incident when a "flying disk," containing extraterrestrial life was recovered with the subsequent government cover-up that it even existed. Probably, and that is why are alien Halloween costumes are popular choices for kids and adults year after year. Our love of science-fiction often portrays these visitors as merciless creatures set out to deplete our natural resources and enslave us. Resistance is futile they proclaim, while unleashing their terror. But they all can't be that bad right? Are these strange beings, sometimes even looking human themselves, here to save us from impending doom, either self-inflicted or from another dimension?

The Hollywood version of The Avengers line up that we all know and love consists of Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye, and the Black Widow. The 2012 film adaptation of the super hero team was extremely popular and broke a ton of box office records. In the film plot, the team assembles and must battle Thor's brother Loki, who attempts to control the planet.

Whatever our thoughts are, our intrigue, leads us to wanting to go from mere mortal earthlings to possessing infinite power and strength. With the emergence of Comic Con, Dragon Con and cos-play events, our love of the unknown is displayed. On our site, we offer styles depicting a wide range of cartoon to creepy creatures, to super humans. There are the peaceful blue Na'vi from Avatar, to the terrifying Yautja from Predator available for you to choose from. We have them for all ages, from cutesy infant aliens from Toy Story, to ETs that may appear to be young but are actually 200 trillion light years old such as the Novi Stars. If you are really creative, you can peruse our vast collection of make-up, clothing and accessories, and come up with your new, unclassified species of extraterrestrial life. Whether it's sexy or gruesome or a fusion of both, you can mix and match it from items here.

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