Angel Costumes

The Bible tells us that angels are sent by God as guardians to guide and protect us. They are visions in white, bathed in a halo of bright light. They are painted in famous artworks, lounging on clouds, playing the harp. Their angel costumes are white and flowing so that they look like they are floating on air. But the Bible also tells us that not all are good. Some, like Lucifer, have fallen from grace and turned to the dark side. That is why our dark angel costumes are in Gothic shades of gray and black. The gown you choose depends on your mood. Are you a naughty or pure.

Children are little angels by nature so we have a nice selection of girls' angel costumes that will make them look like the little pieces of Heaven they are. But no matter what your age, you need to earn (buy) your wings. We have wings made of feathers and others made of nylon and glitter. If they are not included with your selection it would be sinful not to add them.

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