Angry Birds Costumes

Several years ago, the world was introduced to a simple game app for the Smartphone that became the worldwide phenomena, Angry Birds. It didn’t take long for the craze to become so popular that the characters were licensed on everything from t-shirts and toys to Angry Birds Halloween costumes. So why do you think it is that this game became the most addictive app ever invented? Well, it all boils down to the fact that they are really cute characters and the game offers a great user experience.

A statistic that was calculated a couple of years ago at the height of the game’s popularity estimates that users played the game a combined total of 20 million minutes a day. All this for a game that involves sling shooting birds at rudimentary structures in order to kill the fat little pigs sitting on or under the structures. The simple yet engaging concept has since transformed in to other versions such as Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars. Here at Costume Discounters, we have Angry Birds costumes for all versions of the game.

Angry Birds costumes come in three styles. The first is a shaped foam tunic that comes in sizes for kids and adults. The second is as a full over the head mask that resembles the birds or the pigs and the third is a dress that is made for girls or women with the character’s face and color printed on it. All three incarnations of Angry Birds costumes: classic, Space and Star Wars are included in the assortment.

You can purchase Angry Birds costumes for anyone in the family including infants and pets too. Be sure to become a member so you can get them at the lowest wholesale price.

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