Women's Animals & Bugs Costumes

Lions and tigers and bears - oh my! Those are just a few of the fierce and furry finds that you'll come across while exploring our Women's Animals collection. Figure out which ferocious creature speaks to you and then embrace your inner beast this Halloween when you don one of these wild women's animal costumes! You'll be the buzz of any bash that you attend this October when you dress up in one of these Women's Bee, Bug and Butterfly Costumes. When you put on any of the beautiful outfits found here you will instantly metamorphose into one of your favorite critters. With both traditional and sexy looks available, you'll be able to find your ideal buggy look for whatever Halloween costumed occasion you are attending.

Whether you're hoping to rock an ensemble that will convert you into a comical critter or one that will allow you to become a bodacious beast, one thing is certain: there's an outfit here for any animal lover! If you're looking to go the sexy route our collection of Big Cat ensembles includes a wide assortment of outfits, such as some seasonal black cats, sultry leopards, and powerful tigers. Regardless of which wildly tantalizing look you choose to work, you'll definitely be looking foxy at any upcoming party. On the funnier end you'll be able to find vibrant flamingos, cozy kangaroos, adorable hamsters, and so many more! Just because you're embracing your animal side doesn't mean you have to have a furry look! Our assortment of Playboy-inspired bunny ensembles will allow you to flaunt your coy and playful side, while the sexy catsuits found in this collection will encourage you to embrace your inner femme fatale. You'll also find a few looks of animals who have infiltrated pop culture over the years. Whether you're looking to go the classic route and dress up like Disney's Minnie Mouse or looking for something a bit more modern, such as a look inspired by the highly successful film Black Swan, there's a fierce look for you.

They say it's tough to be a bug, but rest assured that there's nothing difficult about putting a sultry spin on some of these multi-legged creatures. With ensembles found in this section of the site, you'll be able to put an alluring twist on traditional ladybug and bee costumes. Each of the sexy looks available here offers a flirty variation of the insect's traditional appearance. When dressing up as a bumblebee you'll get the critter's signature yellow and black striped motif whereas with a ladybug look it's all about bright red with black polka dots. In search of a buggy outfit that's a bit more traditional? Opt for a butterfly look that will give you the same vibrant appearance as the insect with a skirt that features a print of its wings. Otherwise, in this assortment of garb you'll also find traditional bee and ladybug ensembles that will allow you to authentically portray a pretty critter.

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