Army Costumes

Move up in the ranks at your next event when you see these amazing army themed costumes in stock! Being in the United States Army is an honor and a privilege, and while you may not be in the real army, put yourself in the shoes of a soldier this Halloween for a glimpse at what military life might be like. Children will be happy to pretend to be the next war hero and use their imagination to become the bravest of them all. With different types of uniforms in all shapes and sizes, we have everything you’ll need to be the next Colonel in your crew.

Like a man or woman in uniform? This is your chance to be one. Women can choose from different sultry areas of the ranks, like Wartime Officer, Pretty Paratrooper, or Corporal Cutie. Men can blend in with the best of them in a comical Gillie Suit sure to be a great disguise. A more serious look for men would be our Paratrooper costume which has you ready to jump at these deals at any moment. Complete your look with an army helmet sure to help you hide behind enemy lines.
in your crew. 

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