Put on your space helmet and blast off this Halloween with an awesome astronaut costume. Brave space travelers have one of the coolest jobs on the planet...and off it! Exploring parts of the universe that we can only dream about, they leave their families and loved ones behind to find answers to many of science's questions. If Neil Armstrong is your hero, dress up like an astronaut this Halloween to pay tribute to this American hero and live out one of your fantasies.

Based on the true story of the lunar mission gone wrong, Apollo 13 is a tale of heroism and averted crisis. At first, the mission barely received any media attention because it was considered a routine mission; several other space crafts had already made successful trips to the moon by this point. However, the space flight is thrust into the spotlight when the spacecraft malfunctions and the astronauts are stranded. While they struggle for survival, the NASA ground crew do everything they can to bring the astronauts home. Dress up like one of these heroes in an official looking space suit this Halloween, perfect for the costume contest.

No matter how many advances are made in space travel technology, there will always be some risks involved. Wearing an astronaut costume for adults or kids is a great way to show your appreciation for the men and women who are taking risks and making breakthroughs in the field. This is the perfect way to celebrate your sense of adventure.

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