Austin Powers

Inject some humor into your Halloween look with our Austin Powers costumes and accessories. Austin Powers is the sixties spy with all the style. He's groovy, baby! If you love this funny movie series, a character outfit or 60s decade ensemble will make you look like you belong on the set.

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This British spy flick is set in the 1960s. Agent Powers has his signature blue suit and ascot, but the ladies can fit this theme with Mod girl fashions. A Go-Go dress or Union Jack design fit in perfectly with this swinging style. You can add to the decade look with big hair wigs, afros, and platform boots. For a character look, try adding an Austin Powers accessory kit to your dress-up plan. Fake dentures, 60s glasses, and a lacy neck scarf can add an instant touch of Powers to your look.

If you want a Halloween outfit that is shagadelic, look to the super spy with the ultimate charisma. The Austin Powers movies follow the exploits of a British secret agent as he works to thwart the plans of Dr. Evil. The films are parodies of other famous spy flicks like The 007 series. The babes are bodacious and the jokes are outrageous. Pick up a few of the funniest lines from the show to impress your friends at your next Halloween party.

Go for an outfit that is totally groovy with our Austin Powers costumes and props.

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