Avengers: Infinity War Costumes

Join Iron Man, Captain America and all of the other avengers as they team up with some new faces in order to take on the world's worst villain. Assemble a team of your own with these Avengers: Infinity Wars Halloween Costume. The perfect way to bring your friends and family together for a night of superhero adventure, you can become anyone of these mighty heroes and defend your world from alien attacks. Whether weiding a mystical magic as Dr. Strange, or bringing your group of unlikely guardians together, These new costumes have you covered. The fate of the planet and the existence of the human race is in your hands this Halloween. Get your friends and family together and assemble your perfect team to fight Thanos and his alien army. Choose your hero and make sure to have all of your arrows sharpened and shields polished in preparation for the biggest fight that the earth has ever seen.

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