Batman Costumes

Gotham City’s best known hero is also the most popular superhero in the world. Since May 1939, the Batman has been an unstoppable force within American mythology. The genius detective in Detective Comics #27 showed the world that a superhero doesn’t need superpowers in order to be a hero! Bruce Wayne lost his parents to street violence at a young age and on that day he internally vowed to stop that violence. The simple notion that the orphaned Bruce Wayne grew up wanting to protect his city to honor the lives of his parents makes Batman one of the most relatable heroes in the world today. All of his kind qualities combined with the darker parts of his personality create a one of the kind hero that no one in history will forget. Live action movies, animated films, cartoons, toys, video games, and, of course, the comics shows that Batman has reached every part of the media and pop culture that is possible. Whether you like Adam West’s Batman, Michael Keaton’s Batman, Kevin Conroy’s Batman, Ben Affleck’s Batman or Christian Bale’s Batman, there is and always will be a Batman for you to admire and respect.

This year, don a cape and cowl and become the Dark Knight that protects the innocent from all the crime in the world. Go classic '60s Batman with an Adam West inspired Batman costume. Dress your dog up as Batman to create the best four legged hero. Celebrate your child’s love for the animated show The Batman with specific gloves inspired by the show. Wear a shiny utility belt and throw rubber batarangs for fun. Bring back a bright and happy Batman by allowing your kid to wear a blue Batman cape over their pajamas or costume. Be a casual Batman costume enthusiast with a Batman hoodie. Also, don’t forget Batman has many allies and villains like Robin, Batgirl, Catwoman, Green Arrow, Superman, The Joker, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn who help round out the mythology of the character while having great costumes of their own.  If someone asks you if you want to save your city, always answer in a Batman voice and be a proud fan! 

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