Belle Costumes

Belle is one of the best princesses in the Disney franchise and is possibly the greatest role model for anyone to have. She’s independent, she reads, and she’s very compassionate. All of these qualities, combined with her beauty, make her one of Disney’s most popular princesses. With her iconic yellow gown, Belle is a part of a tale as old as time. You can be this timeless princess in all her beauty with Belle costumes for adults and children. Make your daughter a princess complete with a tiara and sparkle shoes, or go for a sensual belle yourself with a shorter skirt and lower neckline. No matter how old you are, being Belle will not go out of style.

Licensed Disney costumes are available for all shapes and sizes. Plus sized costumes are available so anyone can be a princess, and different types of Belle costumes exist for any woman to fit their personality. Traditional woman can go with a larger petticoat and long hem, while a more sensual look is created by shortening a hemline and glamming it up a bit. No matter what costume fits your personality, between the variety and prices we have, you’ll be sure to be dancing with your prince by the night’s end. (Singing teapot not included.)

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