Boy's Superhero & Villain Costumes

Every boy dreams of being a super hero or even a villain. Whether it's super-strength, speed, bullet-proof skin or just a determination to see justice be done, generations of children have grown up wanting to gain super powers and don the cape and tights of their favorite characters from comic books, television and the movies.

Buy Boys Superhero Costumes Online

Boy's superhero costumes let your little crime fighter experience the thrills, action, and adventure of life in a biff, bang, pow world. Cartoon characters leap off the comic book pages and big screen and into your home as these fun, vibrant designs. Transform your kid from ordinary boy into his favorite mutant, robot, alien or super soldier. This assortment of superhero and villain costumes covers every aspect of your child's imagination, from intergalactic crime fighters and alien adventurers, to armored heroes and vile bad guys. We even carry a wide variety of different toy weapons and accessories to add a bit of authenticity to his look.

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