Bride of Frankenstein Costumes

These amazing Bride of Frankenstein costumes will have you strolling down the aisle as you find the great deals we have for you. With wigs, various dresses, and accessories, the options are endless and to die for. Feeling light? We have classic white gowns for your next undead event – take a twist on the classic Bride of Frankenstein with a ghostly bride costume, sure to have everyone rising from the grave. The monster will love you in whatever you’re wearing, but no Bride of Frankenstein look would be complete without the classic beehive shaped wig. Pick one up and you’ll be sure to get hitched in no time!

Your groom will die when he sees you in any of these Bride of Frankenstien inspired costumes. Combine the famous Bride of Frankenstein hair with any of these dresses, from Adult Monster Bride costumes to Adult Cemetery Bride. This classic movie pairs the famous monster with a bride making it a wonderful couples costume for anyone who wants to be undead this Halloween. Freak out friends and family as you and your significant other scare the living (or dead) daylights out of everyone in Bride of Frankenstein costumes and accessories.

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