Sexy Burlesque

Flaunt your sassy side in one of these Sexy Burlesque Costumes. Showgirl outfits come in two major styles - English wench and modern idol. Think of the acts of French can-can dancers or Gypsy Rose. Many of the color palettes used in making these ensembles feature dark bases with bright accents. Red, pink, and purple are the most common accent colors. More modern takes on this theme use corsets, petticoats, and other sensual accessories to amp up the sex appeal. Props and accessories like mini top hats, jewelry, boas, and opera gloves will help complete your exotic dancer ensemble. High heels are another essential part of the look. Go Victorian with heeled boots or take a more contemporary approach with stilettos. Make sure you have flawless hair and makeup. Deep lip color and voluminous curls are great details to complete your ensemble.

Burlesque shows go way back to the Victorian era, which is why so many people associate the fashion from that time with the dances and performances. This style of performance draws from other stories to put on a satirical act that is usually quite risqué. Modern-day burlesque dancers can use almost anything as inspiration for their dances. Most shows usually feature a variety of performances from different women. TV shows, classic literature, and celebrities are all fair game for this sexy parody. You can have a little fun with your burlesque dress by basing your look around a certain theme.

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