Buzz Lightyear Costumes

Fly away in one of our licensed Buzz Lightyear costumes for men and boys. We all know the story of Toy Story – Woody the cowboy was Andy’s favorite toy for years until Buzz Lightyear of Star Command came along. With his jet pack wings and space suit, Buzz was the hot new toy for Andy and every child in town. Buzz and Woody became best friends, despite a little competition to be Andy’s favorite toy. While we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to fly like Buzz, we can guarantee that these costumes are sure to make you the greatest toy in anyone’s toy box.  

With accessories for any astronaut, you’ll be able to take on any villain in the galaxy. Jet packs and gloves are perfect for anyone putting together their own costume. Toddlers and boys can jump in on the fun as Buzz in costumes that are affordable and look just like it came from the movie. Adults can also feel nostalgic in this classic and fun getup. All costumes come complete with Buzz’s purple helmet, so hop in your spaceship and pick up a Buzz costume for you or anyone else in the family today.

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