Boys Capes & Robes

Boy's Capes & Robes are accessories which can be extremely versatile. Plenty of outfits incorporate Capes & Robes. They contribute a very important aspect that is the essence of the entire look. Quite a few can offer various uses. For instance, a simple full-length black cape can be used to create a Magician as easily as for a Dracula costume. Simple brown robes work extremely well for a monk costume or a shepherd outfit when you add a belt and other accessories. Long Black robes are best suited for a grim reaper, a priest, judge costume or whatever else you can think up.

A cape is vital to almost all Boy's Super Hero Halloween costumes. A red or black cape can be used to make a one-of-a-kind super hero outfit or perhaps be added to your old outfit to enhance the cape that was included. Capes are also are a featured accessory in Fairy Tale fashions along the lines of our black cape with hood being worn with a Knight costume. They are available a variety of lengths ranging from waist to three-quarter to full length.

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