Girls Capes/Robes

This year, try using girl's capes and robes as Halloween costume for a unique style and to add another layer to your daughter's trick-or-treating outfit so she can look good while staying warm. Here you'll find a variety of items that can be worn with Halloween costumes featuring themes such as Princess, Vampire, Religious, and Superhero. Use them as the basis of your daughter's outfit or as an accessory that will put the finishing touch on her look.

Capes range from floor length to short styles and are made from materials such as faux velvet that works well for a Vampiress or Biblical look, tulle for a Ghostly feel and shiny fabrics that are common with Superheroes and Princesses. They come in an array of colors, and some will even remind your little girl of her favorite movie characters. The Robes seen here are equally as versatile thanks to their timeless design and will allow your daughter to put together her own unique outfit. She can use the long, loose fitting pieces if she wants to become a dark character like a Witch or Vampire on Halloween, if she's going to a Renaissance Faire or if she's earned a role in a Christmas play. In order to really stand out your little girl will also have to add matching accessories to her ensemble. Merchandise that corresponds with all of the previously mentioned themes such as pointy hats, jewelry, crowns, fanged teeth, glovelettes and prop weapons are available on our site as well. You'll also find finishing touches like wigs, makeup kits and shoes that will complete her outfit.

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