Men's Costume Capes & Robes

Heroes...Villains. …It doesn't matter what side you're on, the power always lies within the cape. This selection of Men's Capes and Robes is your one stop shop for giving your costume a super powered edge. Embrace the hero within, with any of these awesome looks.

One of the most recognizable parts of a superhero's look is the cape. These accessories have been comic book and blockbuster staples since their inception. It's not hard to understand why; these flowing garments look positively epic while blowing in the wind. A cape can be described as a long sheet-like garment that attached at the neck. Originally used to keep the elements from harming an individual's clothes, these accessories adopted more fashionable applications as the years went by. Before long, heroic figures like Superman, Batman, Robin, Thor, Vision, Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange could be seen sporting these Halloween accessories. Complete your vigilante look by choosing the right cloak for you. Surely good guys can't have all the fun! There is a variety of options that are available for your costume needs. The dark side is represented by demon, phantom, vampire, grim reaper, skeleton and warlock-themed outfits. Additionally, this selection also includes wizard, king, judge, warrior, Jedi, fantasy and medieval-themed options. Finally, if you wish to get creative with your look, try choosing from any of the basic solid color actions.

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