Womens Capes/Robes

Create a customized look for the next costumed event you attend by incorporating a Women's Capes and Robes into your outfit. Within this section of the site, you will find a vast assortment of cloaks and coverings that have an adaptable nature, allowing them to easily be used for a variety of getups. Tailoring your ensemble to the occasion you're attending will be a cinch when you're wearing a mesmerizing piece from this lot of looks.

Pairing one of these statement pieces with different accessories means that the same cape or robe can be reappropriated to enhance a myriad of different looks. For instance, a long, dark cape can double as both the cloak of a wicked queen or the sultry garment of a mysterious vampiress. This diverse collection contains a sundry of different pieces that vary in color, length, and material. Capes are an iconic part of many superheroes' ensembles. Recreate a favorite character's look with ease by pairing one of these capes with some of the costumes sold separately on this site, or opt to invent your own hero using garb that you already own. Other emblematic figures known to don a cloak, include fairytale fixtures like Little Red Riding Hood.

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