Catwoman Costumes

Miss Selina Kyle is one of the most dangerous adversaries Batman's ever been up against. Our Catwoman Costumes are designed after many iterations of this classic jewel thief. No matter how big the prize, she's always ready to go out into danger and acquire what's rightfully hers. If the glove fits, you'll have the claws to scratch up pesky bats.

Catwoman has been around in the Caped Crusader's life for generations, so we have costumes to fit women and girls. Our outfits for women span designs from different comics and movies, the most popular being the newest version from the Dark Knight films. Our girl's costumes also feature the newest version of her outfit so that your daughter may grow up strong and fierce. Catsuits are one thing, but accessories are another, and like Batman, Catwoman also has some toys that help her out of tight spots. She's known to carry around a whip that helps her take down multiple enemies and so she can travel around Gotham City quickly. With this in her hands, you can take down several superheroes to their knees.

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