Cavemen Accessories

The call of the wild is the only thing you'll hear after channeling the prehistoric roots of your ancestors. Caveman accessories are definitely not what neanderthals use for an authentic caveman or woman look. First fire was discovered, now thousands of years later, you can take advantage by remembering your caveman heritage. You can make hunting dinosaurs look easy when you put on your tiger loincloth and hold up a spear.

Everybody knows that a caveman has to carry around a giant club for protection and the same goes for the guys that will become a Cro Magnon for this year's costume party. If a giant club is not your thing there's always the giant dinosaur bone. Couples can go back to Bedrock as Fred and Wilma Flintstone with matching wigs and strap up sandals. They can also power the Flintstone's rock mobile properly as long as they have on jumbo, fake bare feet. Bones, teeth, and beads were the jewelry of style way back in the day and although there aren't any mirrors in the cave, you can totally bring back this mesozoic trend by pairing sabretooth earrings, chokers, bracelets, and necklaces to your outfit. Take off those modern clothes and strip down to your lion skin toga as you travel back to the stone age for your next guise.

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