Cavemen & Cavewomen Costumes

Cavewoman and Caveman costumes let you dress up for Halloween the way our Neanderthal ancestors did. Our adult caveman Halloween costumes have all the savage details that we discovered by unearthing frozen and fossilized cave dwellers and by copying stone-age cave drawings depicting life as a Paleolithic savage.

Caveman and Cavewomen costumes feature animal prints tunics with jagged hems, one shoulder styles, and faux leather accents. Accessories and add-ons that you need for your costume include caveman clubs, bone and tooth necklaces and fur boot covers. Caveman wigs for men and women are fun to wear if you don't have enough hair to create a beastly and wild hairdo of your own. You can easily become a stone-age barbarian in any of our caveman Halloween costumes. Caveman costumes make men look strong and rugged. If you want to show off your muscles, this is a great way to do it. Women on the other hand, can be sexy savages in a variety of cavewoman costumes that will bring out the primal instincts in any male homo sapien. The big barbarians will be fighting to see who will get to ask you back to their cave.

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