Primordial cavewomen & cavemen were named from the cave drawings found by geologists and archaeologists and the assumption that pre-historic beings lived in caves. Caveman clothes attribute their style to what archaeologists presume they could have worn based on their findings. The Cave people utilized their resources to make clothes. Animal skins and fur were fashioned into tunics and they even made jewelry from tooth, bone and leather. Our Plus Size Caveman and Plus Size Cavewomen costumes for Halloween have these details but they are made out of fake fur, leather, and ultra-suede.,

This makes them both comfortable and inexpensive. Prehistoric Plus Size get-ups are sexy because they accentuate the good features and hide the flaws. The recurring colors in pre-historic costumes are variations of black, brown, yellow and gold animal fur. The most common animal prints for caveman tunics are a leopard or sabertooth tiger print tunic. Ordinarily they are short sleeved or over-the-shoulder. Pre-historic outfits for Halloween often include additions such as belts, headbands, wrist guards and leggings. Still, if you want to bump it up a notch you can add even more accessories.

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