Sexy Cavewoman Costumes

Raquel Welch, in the film 1,000,000 Years B.C., personified the idea of a sexy cavewoman. While everyone cannot pull off the sizzle that Ms Welch brought to a fur bikini, cave woman Halloween costumes remain popular choices, and for good reason. Some people find Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble sexy, and they certainly were, in that live action film. There is no limit to what is considered hot, and certainly, cave women can attract the attention of distinguished gentlemen, as well as Neanderthals.

Sexy Halloween costumes bring a sense of play to a party. Cave women are an archetype of what appeals to a man's primal nature. Faux fur allows for a number of creative combinations and cuts. The Venus of Willendorf, and other statuettes dating from the Stone Age, depicts a buxom beauty who is considered the ideal that our forebears thought as being the ideal woman. Any body shape works well as it's all about attitude. No matter what fur print or style is chosen for your look, it will feel good and do what it is designed to do: look sexy. Exotic prints, like leopard or cheetah, add a dash of excitement to the ensemble. Plain gray fur works equally as well, as Ms. Welch proved for good measure. A bone in the hair, or a necklace made of teeth are the accessories du jour. Our ancestors used roughly hewn materials to make their jewelry. Another accessory is a club. If it was good for the men, a club is also good for a woman who needs to fight off admirers. Hairstyling is easy since there were no combs during the Stone Age. Tease your hair for maximum sex appeal. Remember - savage is hot!

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