Primordial cave people were named from primitive drawings that were unearthed by geologists and archeologists showing how these pre-historic humans lived. Cavewomen costumes for Halloween get their style from what they presume cavewomen might have donned, based on fossilized remains they have unearthed throughout the years. The Cavewomen used what was readily available to them to make garments. These garments were meant more for warmth than vanity, constructed from fur pelts and skins were cut to create body coverings. Our artistic interpretation of Cavewomen costume is much more sexy and stylized.

Women's cavewomen costumes are sexy because they show just the right amount of skin. The recurring color theme in pre-historic styles is varying shades of yellow, brown, black animal skin. Most Pre-historic Halloween looks include a leopard or saber tooth tiger print tunics and dresses. Typically they are sleeveless and over-the-shoulder and have a jagged hemline. Cavemen Halloween outfits come with additions such as leggings, belts, headbands and wrist guards. But, if you want to be an all-out sexy cave mama then add accessories too.

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