Cheshire Cat Costumes

Get curiouser and curiouser down the rabbit hole with Disney licensed Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat costumes. The Cheshire Cat is unlike any other Cat in the world. He’s mysterious, smart, and all knowing making him a force to be reckoned with. His trademark pink and purple stripes make him easily recognizable, so you’re sure to turn heads at your next party. Men, women, and children alike can all enjoy being this classic charismatic cat at their next event this year.

Cheshire cat accessories make it easy for those who want to do it themselves to build their own costumes. A Cheshire cat wig give you a fun and kooky look to get the feel of the character himself. Legwarmers and a belt gives a modern and cozy spin on the cat’s unique coat and lets everyone know who you are in Wonderland. Men can cause mischief in a licensed Alice Through the Looking Glass Cheshire Cat head, which strays from the traditional while still making an impression. Finally, girls can be just like the strange kitty in the Cheshire Cat hooded dress for a casual look that will make them the coolest cat in class.

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