Chucky Costumes

Welcome the horror this Halloween with the scariest doll in movie history.  Classic horror movie villains will never go out of style, especially during Halloween! Fans of scary movies will either feel chills or laugh at the name Charles Lee Ray. This icon figure is a mix of the popular My Buddy doll from the 80’s and the classic Raggedy Ann doll. Poor Andy Barclay just wanted a “Good Guy” doll for his birthday, but instead he got Chucky. If you laughed or sympathized with Andy Barclay being followed and attacked by Chucky for most of his life then you’ll love to become a villain for Halloween.  Depending on what age you first watched Child’s Play, Chucky was either your worst nightmare or your favorite pastime! Whether you laughed or screamed in fright, you never looked at dolls the same way again. And the series celebrates irony as Chucky inhabits a “Good Guy” doll.

Chucky the killer doll and his wife Tiffany are the most dangerous couple in evil doll history. Let out your wild side this Halloween and attend a party or go trick or treating as these evil doers. Haunt a Halloween party or terrorize a haunted house in a Chucky character mask or costume. The bright red hair, scarred face, and evil expression will freak out little kids and bring smiles to the faces of fans. Express your love for the horror genre with a Tiffany, the Bride of Chucky, ensemble and practice your best Jennifer Tilly voice. There are even gender bent Chucky costumes for those who want to have an extra amount of fun with the genre. Pass on the scary  legacy of Chucky this Halloween!

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